Our Fragile Life

You … welcomed me into the world, and then almost left me; gave me loving security; played silly games with me; always believed in me; made sure I knew you’d be there for me; let me be a kid and do kid things; bought me crayons and coloring pages when I was sick; encouraged the little girl to face “bullies” which changed my life forever; continually introduced me to alternative ways of thinking; supported and cheered my creativity; married Dad, knowing that he would love me like his own; never tried to turn me away from my Father; let me …

Timeless Threads

A psychic’s vision realized: I seldom thought about the psychic channel that Mom and I visited in my teens.  I barely remembered her name, although I remembered being in her presence.  It wasn’t until many years later that psychic, Lenora Huett’s “prediction” of me had manifested.  I shared my 2012 epiphany last week:  I was standing in my art studio, at my easel, when I realized that I was that artist in the desert that Lenora saw over fifty years ago. Connecting the dots: I’ve had a book on my shelf for a long time, my mother gave it to …

My Mama took me to a psychic!

I’ve always been happy that I was born to Betty Jean! Mom was fun and she was creative; she loved to write poetry, she liked drawing, and was a darned good photographer. As I reflect back, Mom was also a woman driven by curiosity, and was always inquisitive regard things that weren’t mainstream. Growing up I never felt limited; she was sure that I could do anything I’d set my mind to, and reminded me of that as needed! To this day I know she loved being my mother; I know this because we enjoyed each other’s company so much. …

Always thirsty in the desert

“SO TELL ME AGAIN, how was it that I ended up in this desert?”  Growing up in California, the Bay Area, our family really enjoyed drives on the scenic Hwy. 101 and the Pacific Ocean.  We’d drive to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, or take in the breathless beauty of Monterrey and Carmel.  We’d visit family up in the cool and luscious Los Gatos Mountains.  Dad would take us four-wheeling and camping in the Sierras.  Later, as a devoted high school art student, I was always up for field trips to San Francisco, or Sausalito.  I just knew that I would never live in the desert, “not no-way, not no-how”!  Deserts were hot, dry and cracked; home for deadly snakes and scorpions.  The desert offered mirages to the thirsty, instead of water; and of course there were cow skulls!  Yes, there were cow skulls scattered everywhere.  I tucked away all of my negative opinions of the desert in case I would need them in the future!

My one, itty bitty, glimmer of light regarding the desert was Grandma Bertha.  Grandma was the only one I knew that had discovered profound beauty in the desert, but then she found beauty everywhere.  Sadly, it was not a happy coincidence when she passed away right after I moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  I still miss her, she was a true light in my world.

In 1983, me and my family were living in Colorado surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  (I would have loved to live there longer (sad face), but I made peace with possibility that Colorado may have only been a stop-over; so our boys could be born in Denver, like their Daddy)  Shortly after our second son was born, my husband decided that we should move to Phoenix so that our children could grow up around his family.  We began to plan the move.  The babies and I would fly to Phoenix, while daddy would drive out with big sister.  We packed our stuff and squeezed it into a U-Haul.  The mommy, daddy, big sister and two baby boys were officially:

~  “Arizona or Bust”  ~

It is the summer of 2017, as I begin writing the first entry into my new blog.  That means that I’ve lived in the desert for 34 years, which is more than half of my life.  If I had any doubts, and I don’t, the “Law of Attraction” doesn’t sleep, it operates 24/7!  What I attracted had been crystalized in my mind for years.  The “Law” didn’t judge my thoughts and opinions, it just created the vision I’d held in my mind! It also gives me pause when I recall this cautionary reminder, “Never say never.”  I wish that I could tell you that I experienced an awakening, a spiritual epiphany as the plane landed and my feet touched Phoenix!  But no, it would take several years before I realized the desert was becoming my “Home Sweet Home”.

I didn’t run away from this place after my husband passed away in the summer of 98.  I stuck it out through the grief and insanity that came with loosing him.  I stumbled through many wrong decisions, and a handful of right ones.  It was an overwhelming and “Hellacious” time for all of us.

I met Lyle on KISS.com, a dating website.  “Oh No!”  I promise you that some interesting stories will be shared later.  Lyle was someone who enjoyed his life in the desert, he was smart and I liked him!  We fell in love and were married in the summer of 2002.

Today, I am happy and at peace knowing that I will live out my life in the Sonoran Desert.  My heart, my home and my loves are here.  I’ve grown to appreciate this natural wonder, and I haven’t forgotten my kinship with my California birthplace and the Pacific Ocean; but they are no longer my home.

Be open to all the desert offers, always be thirsty!

I wonder how I’d managed to convince myself that desert life would be intolerable and unfriendly?  How often had I decided to believe something based on the conversations of other people, through the media and the world around me?  Along the way, I surely must have short-changed myself with baseless opinions.

I’m grateful for unexpected opportunities to take a second look, perhaps to make an amend or simply to share gratitude and love.  Each day I discover new reasons and situations to practice letting go of my pre-conceived ideas.  What makes something good, anyway?

Love, Sharon

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